About Us – Τα γλυκά της Αργυρώς

Make with Love


That’s how it all started …

From an early age she was fascinated by the magic of the kitchen, and grew up amidst scents and flavors on her mother’s side. Argiro quickly realized her talent in the art of pastry making when her grandmother’s recipes came in front of her. She started serving them faithfully, preparing delicious creations, not just for home consumption, but for friends and acquaintances, and then set up her own little workshop making her hobby a profession.


From then until today, with the love she inherited from her mother, she prepares fresh home-made pastries, original or classic, combining the bold fresh and pure ingredients in the home closet to take us to other worlds of flavors and flavors. Fragrant and delicious, created by mom Argyro with great experience and imagination in home-made pastries, in combinations that you will want to taste again and again.

Traditional sweets, cookies, bars, pastels and breadsticks are just some of the delicious treats you will find with special packaging in select shops.

We make custom-made impressive cakes, delicious cakes, fresh cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and many original options for special events and special occasions (wedding, christening, party, party, etc.).